Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Other Food Products, #4

Damn It. So apparently Lotte Koala Biscuit (Family Pack)(Chocolate Filled)(Double Chocolate Flavor) is contaminated with Melamine. I ate a whole pack when I was in Hong Kong a few weeks ago.

Well, the bright side is, this buys me a viable excuse to go on endless sick leaves from work.

Officemate: Absent ka na naman? Tamad ka talaga.
Me: What? You're calling me lazy? Don't you know what I'm going through??? My kidneys are failing because of the Lotte Koala Biscuit pack that I ate 3 weeks ago! I'm so sick my piss is milk chocolate and my shit is shaped like koalas!


The Amazing Race 13 premiered last Monday am here in Manila. The 13th season's first leg had teams going to Brazil. Woohoo! I'm a huge TAR geek so I'm happy the show's back. However, the premiere wasn't as exciting as I thought it could've been, partly because the tasks weren't that hard, and partly because the Married Beekeeping senior citizens were so slow and unexciting, their elimination was basically a foregone conclusion. Last year's premiere was awesome, because really, it's hard to top braying donkeys in Ireland when it comes to comic relief.

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9 complaints:

acey said...

hey, alvin, i hope nothing bad happens to you or your kidneys! :D at ang cute naman ng shape ng poop ah! koala. haha.

thanks for dropping by my blog! :D

alvin, kid repetitive said...

I'm fine. So far. :))

aajao said...

LOL @ "endless sick leaves"

minsan iniisip ko rin yan. hahaha

alvin, kid repetitive said...

Hey, you can still drink some Jolly Cow before they go melamine-free.

camsdcute said...

hindi ka kasi nag-share!!

alvin, kid repetitive said...

haha, onga eh, dapat pala pinakain kita ng maraming chocolate koala biscuits Camille. baka yun pa yung magpapataba sayo.

infobuilder said...

ndi ba mas papayat si camille sa kaka-koala poop? =P

alvin, kid repetitive said...

Nope, matibay tiyan nyan eh.

(Now if that was you...)

Michelle said...