Sunday, October 19, 2008

About Things

Little Things

Laughable attempts at being cool and smooth and the projection of being important
Headphones exist for a reason. So does common sense.
Talking endlessly about things when the only person who actually cares about said things is the talker

Different Things

Hearing a great song you haven't listened to for a long time
Drinking a steaming hot cup of coffee and cinnamon-laced sweets
Holding a loaded gun for the first time

Absurd Things

Blood transfusion and
unqualified practices
Resistance to change and confusing signals
Undeserved awards and the feelings you get thereafter

Unconventional Things

homemade hot chocolate from Lindt Dark Chocolate
buskers and the amount of money one can win
insomnia and hunger and the internet

Ok, I'll stop here. This was a weird enough post as it is.

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2 complaints:

acey said...

seems like you're experiencing plenty of very new or different things lately. and your mind is active. :)

alvin, kid repetitive said...

yep, my mind gets ADHD sometimes :))