Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oh Well.

Ok. World #1 Justine Henin just announced that she's retiring from tennis, immediately.

"This is the end of a child's dream. This is a definitive decision. Those who know me know it is serious. I thought long about this. I started thinking about it late last year. I was at the end of the road. I leave with my head held high."
I usually pick my favorite female tennis players using a very shallow criteria (from Mary Pierce and Dominique Van Roost to Daniela Hantuchova and Maria Kirilenko) rather than on the number of tournaments they've won. But I became a fan of Justine because of how beautiful her game was, most especially her one-handed backhand. If I had Federer's forehand and Justine's backhand, I'd die happy. I remember how great it was when she won her first French Open title back in 2003 because as she said, it was at that tournament as a ten year-old girl when she told her mother while watching the Graf-Seles final that she'll win it someday too. Her mom died of cancer two years later. She won the French Open eight years after that.

Justine retires from the sport as the #1 ranked player. She will not be defending her French Open crown this year, after having won it for the past three years.

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totomai said...

surprising, isnt it? hehe, i guess playing for 20 yrs or so push justine's limit.

saw the video of her presscon, and she looked lovely, perhaps, its a decision she's been contemplating for the longest time.

kid repetitive said...

I think the best description of her retirement came from this article I read at

"Maybe Henin is an artist at heart and knew she could never create anything like her 2007 campaign again so she decided that the highs of winning a few more big events would be caricatures of her best work."