Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Roland Garros 2008

This year's French Open started last Sunday, and it completely sucks that there's no live coverage on my TV (although I think Studio 23 will be showing the men's and women's finals live.)

Then again (and I've told monsterboy about this), Nadal will win the men's title anyway, and Daniela isn't playing on the women's side because she has a foot injury... So I figure I really won't be missing too much this year. BUT THERE BETTER BE WIMBLEDON ON MY CABLE NEXT MONTH! (here that Las Pinas Cable?)

So as I said, I'm guessing Rafa wins his 4th straight French Open, and since 3-time defending champ Justine retired about two weeks ago, the women's draw is completely wide open. I'm guessing Jelena Jankovic will beat out Ana Ivanovic to be the first Serbian woman to win a grand slam title. We'll know who actually wins in two weeks.

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