Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Kurt Cobain and KC Concepcion

OK, I'm watching a Kurt Cobain biopic on HBO right now, and it's been going on for 14 minutes but no one's said a word yet. Did the producers put a tight leash on the script so that they could spend more budget on making the actor look eerily like Cobain (or his hair at least)? So it's worth paying thousands to the hair stylists instead of the writers, I guess. No wonder those people go on strikes.

Ok, minute 17. Somebody finally speaks (Kurt answers the phone and someone talks. Kurt never says a word. Maybe the actor playing Kurt doesn't know how to talk?)


I've been out on leave from work for two days now. Damn health problems.


Ok, back to the movie, Kurt (who's being called Blake in the movie) is talking now. I think I'm gonna tune out before Kurt offs himself (or before Courtney Love kills him, however this movie decides to end things.)


I got to meet my brother's nephew (by way of his wife's brother) last Sunday. He's 9 months old and doesn't know how to speak yet, and he's a cute kid. What makes him cuter is he has a crush on KC Concepcion (yes, this KC.) He literally stops whatever he's doing and gets a big smile on his face whenever KC appears on TV (whether its the shampoo ad, or the vitamin ad, or any other TV appearance.) Even if he's playing with his toy car, or when he's on the verge of crying, it doesn't fail. The moment KC is on TV, he stops and looks at the TV and does nothing but giggle and stare at KC. 9 months old palang yan ha.

The kid has good taste.

*On a shallow note, woah I just found KC's multiply site! Blog! Pictures! Videos! Shit, obsessed stalker mode to infinity na 'to! =D j/k


The Kurt Cobain film on HBO is called Last Days by Gus Van Sant (who also directed Good Will Hunting.)

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6 complaints:

aajao said...

mag-ala "Kamandag" daw ba si manong Alvin? hehehe

alvin said...

Anong masama dun? It was just one google search anyway. :))

lateralus said...

your nephew will be a chub chaser.

alvin said...

You did not just call the object of my stalker dreams fat, did you?

Anyway, I think KC takes more after her dad than her mom, so unless Gabby Concepcion suddenly got as fat as Sharon Cuneta each time she gets pregnant, I think KC is safe.

Michelle said...

KC has a blog? Siya talaga nagmamaintain at nag uupdate? :p

Kakatawa ang nephew mo hehehe

alvin said...

Not just a blog, it's her multiply site, with everyday pics and vids etc :D