Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lumot and Long Walks (Boracay 2008)

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Just got back from Boracay last Sunday. I went with my teammates from work, and most of the trip's expenses were paid by our company, which proves that company-sponsored off-site team building activities are still worth the stress of organizing. Boracay was fun! (Well, obviously.)

We stayed at a "resort for the budget-conscious backpacker" (or the budget-conscious office drones young professionals on a company-sponsored trip) and walked long enough most of the time to get to nice restos and bars and places that sell fruit (and mocha rhum) sh
akes that our legs got tired and stomachs well-starved for a nice big (free) meal but not enough that we could use it as an excuse to skip work when we get back to Manila.

Thanks to Club Paraw for selling us 5 expensive towers of mud slide and that blue drink that's like the Illusion Shaker from Cocomangas, and unknown numbers of Red Horse and San Mig Light bottles (and for making me buzzed enough that I was able to bust out my signature left-right-left-right dance =D).

And thanks to the boat guy who accommodated two dozens of us for some sunset sailing in paraws and snorkeling somewhere off the Coral Gardens in front of White Beach.

I passed on the island hopping trip on our second day because I've done it before (and it's not really island hopping if your only hopping off one island and then getting back to the same island, is it?) Anyway, those who did go on the trip didn't get to go to Puka Beach either because the sun was already setting. I spent my time instead walking all the way to Station 2 and swimming in the best no-lumot zones that I could find.

Speaking of which, I'd also like to thank the lumots for making their seasonal trip to the shores of White Beach and making it look like a group of vegans and various goats, cows and other herd animals puked on it after having a steady diet of broccoli, lettuce, and native grass.

(Oh, and right, thanks to SEAir for selling me last minute tickets because I umm... missed my original flight on that piso-fare selling airline. I love SEAir.)

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totomai said...

natuloy din pala ang balik mo sa boracay.. at least ngayon mas madami na kayo hehe.

ayos ang mga lumot no? haha

alvin said...

34 kami lahat haha.. Pinupuno namin lahat ng restos and bars na pinupuntahan namin :))

Michelle said...

hehe funny pa rin yung "mike" experience mo at yung signature dance :p

alvin said...

mich: Ok lang na na-Mike ako... Kung Amazing Race to, Philiminated na kyo, and ako yung nanalo ng $1 Million :D

infobuilder said...

at tlgang ginawa nang verb ung pangalan ko... hehehe.. :p oks lng.. still publicity! hahaha showbiz!

alvin said...

Syempre naman Mike, record holder ka na yata ng Most Missed Domestic Flights in the Philippines eh hahaha

Boracay Hotels said...

Lovely photos. There a good atmosphere there, mostly at nightlife. Where did you stay in broacay, is it good facilities there???

Tanya Gemarin