Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Health Concerns and Things That Bother Me.

My right eye is twitching a lot lately. I wonder what that means? Am I slowly losing muscle control on the right side of my body? Is my reflex growing weaker? Can't handle the caffeine I'm pumping into my body everyday? Sign of nerves and anxiety? Did a small insect get inside my eyelid? Spore infection? Have I become a hypochondriac?

And while I'm at it, my shoulders make a clicking sound (just like when you crack your knuckles, only with a much lower tone, probably because it's coming from a much bigger joint) every time I shrug my shoulders. Does that mean I have to stop shrugging my shoulders each time I hear a fucking ridiculous and annoying statement from a person I hold only a slight to no respect for? Or should I just risk the possible calcium loss on my bone mass instead?

Nose close to the ground, that's my technique.

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4 complaints:

lateralus said...

normal yun. stress-induced. di ka pa nagkakaganun dati? you're lucky. hehe

alvin said...

Naexperience ko na rin yun dati, then nawala after a few weeks yata. Now it's back again and it's really really irritating. Heh.

lateralus said...

Ipa botox mo, mawawala yang involuntary contractions and twitches. LOL

alvin said...

haha, no thanks. Bili na lang ako ng pagkain and beer pangpawala ng stress.