Tuesday, August 28, 2007

To Cheap-Ass Time Machines

Sometimes I wonder why I write on this blog. After all, whatever I write here could be held against me no matter how much I protest to it. It could get me in some kind of trouble or another (or at the very least, in a situation filled with a lot of awkward silences.)

And then I read my older posts. The ones I wrote when I was still in college or when I was still new at my job. Back when I thought dropping f-bombs on each sentence would add a nice touch. I read them and it somehow makes my narcissistic ass feel good.

That's why I write on this blog. It gives me easy access to what I once was. To what I used to be like, to what I used to focus on and think about. It talks to me the way not many people can and teaches me things that even fewer can. (I've already mentioned the narcissistic part, right? Add some self-congratulatory ass in their. This is where it kicks in)

To cheap-ass time machines. May your servers always have a back up.


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2 complaints:

infobuilder said...

nostalgic magbasa ng lumang posts noh? :) makes you think where has that person gone now...

alvin said...

umm... hindi naman mahirap isipin Mike. tingin lang ako sa salamin nakikita ko na rin naman agad....