Thursday, August 9, 2007

Non-Hong Kong-bound and 3,000 pesos poorer

I'm supposed to be two hours into my Hong Kong trip right now. But as luck would have it, I'm in my living room, flipping through channels finding out that there's nothing good to watch on the tv tonight.

Oh, and I also have my laptop right in front of me; I'm working. Most probably well into the night.

My scheduled four-day trip for HK didn't push through, wait, check that... The HK trip did push through... but without me. I couldn't make the trip because I don't have my passport with me yet. As I'm typing this, my passport is currently enjoying itself in Thailand (I wonder if it's been to the red light district yet.)

The good news is, the typhoon that recently sideswiped Manila is headed for Hong Kong, so not making the trip means I don't have to walk all over Causeway and Central while being drenched by the downpour.

I better get that Schengen Visa.

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9 complaints:

Michelle said...


May makukuha tayo around 1500, out of 5k na binayad natin...oh well, better than nothing :p

Maybe next time...

And yeah, we better get THAT other visa :p

hellgod said...

Onga Mich, buti naman may marerefund pa tayo dun sa piso-fare natin hehehe :p


I sure hope they're enjoying their stay, with the storm and all.

lateralus said...

Haha, that sucks man. I'm off to Thailand this December! Yay!

totomai said...

at bakit naman napunta sa Thailand ang passport mo?

EB sa Thailand? lol

alvin said...

Benj: vacation? or is this for the Debate Championships?

Totomai: ewan ko nga dun eh... malikot na passport. :p

roz said...

hindi nga... ano nangyari sa passport mo?

monsterboy said...

So, saan ka nga ulit pupunta?

alvin said...

roz: visa application :p

ronnie: ok... no embassies here in the philippines, visas needed, europe, TAR has been there :D

selva said...

my goal was to drive 1000 kms north from Perth. Denham, the most western in Australia town (Byron Bay being the most eastern) is not really interesting, but it is a popular base for visits to nearby Monkey Mia with it's dolphins. The whole area however is scattered with sandy beaches and is a part of Shark Bay World Heritage area. I only got to see one dolphin there but I got to see a few of them in Perth CBD before that anyway. Yes, they swam right up to CBD. Cool stuff.