Sunday, January 7, 2007

What A Way To Go

The end of my 2006 and my 2007 has so far sucked, big time.

1. Dec 25 2006, I got a fever and my head really ached.

2. A few days later, the fever went a way, but the headache remained, and as a bonus, I started coughing like my throat wanted to gut itself out of my body.

3. A few days later, I went to the doctor, was given an anti-biotic prescription and went home. After getting back to my hous, I slept for about two hours and guess what I saw when I woke up... I forehead and ears have turned red and were itching so baaad... Then the itching and redness spread to my arms and legs and started to turn into rashes.

4. The next day, the rashes disappeared, but the tonsil-slashing coughs were still there. I have so far missed three days of work. (woohoo)

5. Yesterday, I started doing better and went online to work at home. Then later in the evening, I was surfing the internet when inexplicably, my laptop hanged. and crashed.

Thank you, 2007, you are being so good to me.

6 complaints:

becca said...

"I was surfing the internet when inexplicably, my laptop hanged. and crashed." hmmmm, it's a sign hahahahah joke:p

geebee said...

wow... another laptop crash courtesy of HP. hehehe. so what became of it now?

janny said...

alvin! u started the year with a bang! tsk tsk! memorable start deserves a memorable ending :P abangan ang pagtatapos ng 2007 haha!

Mich said...

Aw...hopefully 2007 will end with good tidings naman :)

benj said...

dude, your symptoms make me think that you just had a bout with Rubella (German Measles). It's not called the 'three-day-measles' for nothing.

abumeLt said...

i had a similar start to the new year too.. minus the rashes, plus emotional guilt, and my new & unpaid laptop crashed.

here's to a more neutral year ahead