Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Oz Open, losing that Work From Home privilege, and the sides of luck

The Australian Open starts tomorrow! Woohoo!

Star Sports will be broadcasting the 2-week grand slam tournament, and as luck would have it, my schedule allows me to stay at home during the day and watch the tennis matches on my tv.


Not so lucky is my laptop, which is still under disrepair. The last update I got was that they need to replace the hard drive, and they have yet to recover my files (and the may never will). Not only do I have to reinstall all my applications, I will also have to re-do/research/find copies of all my work-related files (No, I do not regularly back up of my important files. Yes, that is stupid.) And since I don't have a laptop, I also can't work from my home (a perk that my officemates enjoy once a week.)


Last night I was at the SM Mall of Asia to watch the final night of the 2nd World Pyro Olympics. China and the Philippines were the two countries presenting that night, and the show was AWESOME! We had a great view of the fireworks (and the accompanying smoke. I was trying to enjoy the moment so I pretended that smoke does not in any way contribute to air pollution.)

Click here for the pictures. What? You can't click it? Oh... right... We forgot to bring our camera.

3 complaints:

benj said...

it's a miracle!!! the link to the pictures actually worked for me!

hellgod said...

Ayos! ganda ba?

Kai said...

Excited for the Aussies too! Round of 16 na!