Saturday, January 27, 2007

Conversation #3

qwerty: You're not really a procrastinator or a whiner or disjointed or an obsessive addict. You're just looking for flaws you can be proud of.

zxcvb: Ah, yes. You know me so well.

qwerty: This won't drive you off a cliff again, will it?

zxcvb: Hey, don't give me ideas.

qwerty: You know what's a good idea? Vowels on names. How do the hell do you pronounce zxcvb anyway?

zxcvb: You're off-topic.

qwerty: We have one?

zxcvb: ...

qwerty: ... ?

zxcvb: So, I had a dream last night.

qwerty: Me too. But I don't remember it.

zxcvb: I was in a hotel room with someone I didn't know. And we were both naked

qwerty: Ah. So it was a wet dream?

zxcvb: Not really. It's actually more boring than it sounds.

qwerty: That naked someone in the hotel room. It was me wasn't it? Haha.

zxcvb: I said it was someone I didn't know.

qwerty: I know.

zxcvb: ...

zxcvb: You really are sweet, you know that?

qwerty: Thanks. One of my better qualities.

zxcvb: It's your talent. You can charm the fuck off anyone's balls.

qwerty: What does that mean?

zxcvb: I don't know. I just ... wanted to say it. Just thought it sounded bad ass. :D

qwerty: I bet you rehearsed that too. In front of the mirror.

zxcvb: Nah, just in my head. Twice.

qwerty: Cute.

zxcvb: One of my better qualities.

3 complaints:

janny said...

i'm hoping zxcvb and qwerty are real people...
sarap kausapin!

abumeLt said...

first class flirting.. love it! :P

hellgod said...

sinong tinatawag mong flirt???

hehehe :p