Friday, August 12, 2005


I'm bored and it's always raining so I'm stuck at home with nothing to do (I like rain, I just don't like travelling when it rains) and my computer is starting to give way and I can't get it fixed because I have close to no money and I can't ask my parents to give me some because I don't go to school anymore (even though the school term hasn't ended yet) but I'm not working yet either and there's nothing good to watch on tv and I don't have any interesting dvd's on stock and there's not much food to pig out on and no new books to read and most of my friends are either still in school or are already working or are also drop-dead bums with no money to spend and I've become an insomniac after just a couple of months of working on our thesis and the only times I get to eat breakfast is when I stay up until 7am and then sleep after that and I am just so bummed out that the only fucking thing that I actually get to do nowadays is complain about having nothing at all to do but complain.

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