Friday, August 5, 2005

R.I.P. Senator Raul Roco

This is sad news.

Former Senator Roco Passes Away

He was a good man, who would've made a good leader, had things gone differently.

I wish I could say that I proudly voted for him in the last elections, but I can't.

He will be missed by a nation that misses many things.

Flowers gathered in the morning,
Afternoon they blossom on,
Still are withered by the evening:
You can be me when I'm gone.

2 complaints:

abumelt said...

RIP to Sen. Roco.. I wouldve voted for him had I been able to vote. I will remember him as the man in the hawaiian shirt.. :D but seriously, his platform when running for prez was believable.

*on charlie and the chocolate factory, sadly the book was better than the movie.. johnny depp came on as creepy and psychotic, and so did the little big men oompah loompas..

hellgod said...

On Roco: Sayang nga eh, if he didn't have health problems, he would've stood a good chance for the presidency (pero dadayain din naman sya ni gma, so ganun din hehe)

On Charlie: book versions are usually better than the movie adaptations... and yeah, Johnny Depp was portraying Michael Jackson in that movie hehehe...