Thursday, July 14, 2005

The AntiNeoEstablishment of Cheese Vs You

When you hate the system, a good way to express it is to go against the system. Right?

If you hate the establishment, you don't patronize it. Right?

And for every establishment, there should exist an anti-establishment. Right?

So if you hate the establishment, you go to the anti-establishment. Right?

And if you go to the anti-establishment, what do you do then? Patronize it?

Hmmm... That's where you went wrong man.

I mean, I appreciate you sharing your views with me. But somehow your view didn't add up. Just. (Of course, I only realized this after thinking about it a day later) (Which is why I'm writing it here on my blog, and not telling it to your face.)

You talked so passionately about being "anti-establishment". About liking those kinds of shit, at least. Because the establishment is just not doing it for you. Because the establishment is full of pretentious, fake, elitist bitches and motherfuckers who patronize intelligence. You want the anti-establishment. Because it does the opposite. The 180. Hmmm...

Yet you were so willing to tell a total stranger (me, in particular) how deep an anti-establishment believer (without much proof, unfortunately and coincidentally) you really are.

Now THAT is so patronizing. Honestly. And in a blind way too.

You see, if you really were anti-establishment, you'd think differently. Your ideas would've been different. They would've made sense. Unfortunately, all I heard was pretentious and unoriginal psychotalk, the type you read in newspaper commentaries (except you made less sense, of course.) It is patronizing. It is pretentious. It is the stuff of good old, straight-up establishment. If you really were anti-establishment, there shouldn't have been any club for you to join in.

This is the problem I have with people who claim that they are anti-establishment. Too much talk of things that I am not hearing for the first time and too few actions that I have seen for the first time. Before they know it, they've built their own establishment (they think it's anti-establishment, but it's really anti-anti-establishment, or simply an establishment of a different kind but of the same skin), which makes their point of being anti-establishment sad and laughable at the same time. It's animal farm, baby, and they didn't even see it happen.

So before you start another discourse of your beliefs to another unfortunate bystander, remember. Don't.

One thing I keep in mind is to never talk tough while the tough road before me hasn't been walked on by my own feet yet. You should keep that in mind too.

Or else, you'll just end up as another random topic of a bored blog writer.

3 complaints:

jjay said...

please, sabihin mo na ang tinutukoy mo na "you" ay isang babae. para masaya.

jweng said...

vin, is this who i think it is? si egr? coz if i'm right, then sorry jjay, malungkot. hahaha!!!

hellgod said...

who else will call himself anti-establishment and advocate republican principles in a span of 30 minutes?