Saturday, July 16, 2005

The 7-hour Neil Gaiman Experience

Last Monday was a pretty good day.

After submitting our thesis I went straight to Gateway with two of my thesis groupmates Dandan and Becca. Dandan was gonna meet up with a friend later on, while Becca was there for the food (hahaha just kidding...).

I was there for the Neil Gaiman book signing. (woohoo!)

So anywayz, when we got there we headed down Pizza Hut Bistro to eat lunch (It was about 1pm then, book signing starts at 4 so what's the rush, right?) Food there was decent, although I only ate their bbq ribs (it was pretty good.) I gotta get back there and eat some more food so I could be a better judge hehe... Anywayz, we finished up at about 2pm and went our own ways. I headed up to the third floor to the Fully Booked store to line up, and when I got there....

WTMF?!?? hell, the line was looooooong... So I followed it... and followed it... and followed... and followed.... Damn! The line went all the way down the first floor and right outside the building along Aurora Blvd! What the fuck?!? I guess I underestimated the number of people coming huh...

So there I was just standing in line, waiting waiting waiting.... I haven't had sleep at all for the past 24 hours, but there I was just standing, waiting, standing, waiting, waiting... whew... What can I say, I'm a big fan... waiting waiting waiting... Finally, the line moves! It's 5:30 now. I'm usually a very not-patient person, but if I had to wait 10 more fuckin hours just to meet Neil Gaiman, I fucking would.

Turns out the wait was 7 hours... But honestly, I really didn't mind. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I mean, how many times would your favorite writer ever come up to a local bookstore and sign like hell for all his fans? Not very often. Seven hours is nothing compared to the high you get when you meet someone like Neil Gaiman (he really is an awesome guy, very nice too.)

Neil signs one Neil signs another one
Neil talks to the girl's friend on the phone. Heh Two peeps I got to meet in line, Sara and Mark
Hellgod while waiting in line... konti na lang! This is my favorite picture right now
The book I had signed You bet I will.
Awesome... One of the most memorable times of my life. Another story for the grandkids...

By the way, I got a little photoshop crazy with the one pic above, so might as well share it hehe.

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peejay said...

dude! bilib ako sa yo. was in line for 3 hours myself, and i'm not even a fan! check out my page for the details hehe. =)