Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Delayed Singapore Post

Before I write about the great Batanes trip I just had, I think I should write about the two other trips I had last June.

First up, Singapore!

I had an awesome time at Singapore last June with Mia. We stayed at our former officemates' (Mike, Geebee, Ben, and Jyue) place at Sengkang. They're all living and working in Singapore now and it was great to see them again. We were at Singapore just in time for the IT Show. I wanted to buy a laptop for myself, and the IT Show was the perfect place to hunt for one. There were so many booths selling so many different laptop models that I almost couldn't make a choice on what to buy. So I ended up buying a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 instead, and I'm definitely not regretting the purchase. The Xperia X10 is awesome! It has a huge screen, nice interface and controls, a long list of applications from the Android market, the camera is fantastic, and it's just a beautiful phone to look at. Haha.

After the IT Show, we went to Orchard Road for some shopping, and I'm not really a big shopping guy, but it was nice to walk up and down Orchard anyway. It's a nice place for people-watching (just like Clark Quay.) :)

The next day, Mia, Mike, Karon and I went to Universal Studios, where we saw Shrek, Fiona, Puss, Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, some animals from Madagascar, and a couple of freaks from The Mummy. The Battlestar Galactica dueling rollercoaster was still closed which was disappointing because that ride looked awesome. Good thing The Mummy-themed indoor rollercoaster was open because that ride was awesome! The line going to the rollercoaster was an attraction in itself.

The rest of our time in Singapore was spent meeting up with SG-based friends and eating(!!!) From the hawker stalls at Newton and more local food at a small restaurant at Bugis, to steak at Astons and some Swiss food at Marche. Seriously, I spent most of my pocket money on food, drinks and dessert.

Singapore was really fun but the best part was seeing so many familiar faces again (and getting a new gadget for a much lower price compared to buying one in Manila. But that's just a far second.)

5 complaints:

geebee said...

Singapore was really fun but the best part was seeing so many familiar faces again

>> Senti much? :P

alvin, kid repetitive said...

Anong senti dun? Hindi naman ako naiyak haha.

geebee said...

Weh? Baka tumutulo na yung luha mo habang nagba-blog ka. Hahaha.

alvin, kid repetitive said...

Sayo lang yata nangyayari yung ganun. Tsaka ako yung nasa Pilipinas, bakit ako yung masesenti? HAHAHA

geebee said...

Alvin, yun na nga yun. Ikaw ang nasa Pinas, ikaw talaga ang maiiyak. Hahahaha. Joke! :P

Oy, balik kayo dito! (Visit, can. For good, can!) :D