Sunday, August 15, 2010

And A Delayed Iloilo/Guimaras Post

It was my first time going to the Visayas where Boracay wasn't in the itinerary. The best part about this trip? The plane ticket cost just 300 pesos, round trip! (Just kidding, the best part of course was seeing Mich and James get married. :D)

Iloilo is a great place to go binge eating. Seriously. I could eat La Paz Batchoy for breakfast and merienda everyday, and then go to Dulgies for dessert. Lunch and dinner would be anywhere that served seafood and chicken inasal. I couldn't believe that a plateful of oysters was just 40 pesos!

The (former) Team
The girls
The boys
Then, there was Miag-ao Church, which was just majestic to look at.

Miag-ao is about an hour away from Iloilo City. We hired a van from SM City to get there, and it was definitely worth the travel. The facade of the church was the most beautiful I've ever seen. the whole structure was very impressive, and reminded me a bit of the Paoay Church. I'm not big on going to church, but going out to see churches and other religious sites (like Angkor Wat, the Wawel Cathedral, and the Church of St. George) has always been a big reason why I love traveling.

After Iloilo, we went on a 15-minute boat ride to Guimaras Island. Guimaras was a lot of fun too. We stayed at Raymen Beach Resort in Alibuhod, Nueva Valencia. The beach in Alibuhod is really, really nice. The sand is really fine, the beach was not rocky at all, and the view around the beach (especially during sunset) is just beautiful. We also rented a small boat to take us around the island, where we saw more sandy beaches, unbelievably huge Lapu-lapus, and a nice small cave reachable by water near Baras beach:

Also in Guimaras? MANGOES. Guimaras mangoes are said to be the sweetest in the world, and yeah, these are the best mangoes I've ever eaten. It's sweet and juicy and huge and the texture of the flesh is really perfect for digging in. I bought 2 kilos of the mangoes, and a couple of packs of mango bars made by Trappist monks. The only sucky thing was that I didn't buy more haha.

7 complaints:

geebee said...

Ang sarap nga nung mango bars. Nakaka-addict. Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

ang galing nagkasya yung boat! haha, kala ko mauuntog eh. :)) nice place :D

Boracay Hotels said...

Wow ang laki naman ng church dyan...

Tanya Gemarin

alvin, kid repetitive said...

@Geebee: Nakakaaddict talaga, I bought 2 packs, pero ako lang ang umubos, hindi ako nagshare haha. Butterscotch na lang pinamigay ko sa iba :))

@Ems: yeah, kala ko nga papababain kami once we were at the entrance haha.

@Tanya: The church really does look amazing. Sayang we weren't able to go inside, sobrang ganda din daw yung loob nung church

Michelle said...

Lunch and dinner would be anywhere that served seafood and chicken inasal. I couldn't believe that a plateful of oysters was just 40 pesos!
>> Mura seafood dun noh? Sakit sa bulsa seafood dito sa Manila hehe

alvin, kid repetitive said...

@Mich: onga haha... the best yung oysters sa Tatoy's, nothing fancy pero sulit! haha

geebee said...

@Alvin: Nakakain ka ba nun? Kala ko si JC lang umubos. HAHAHA.