Saturday, May 8, 2010

The 051010 Choice

At the beginning of this week, I was still torn between voting for Gibo and voting for Gordon.

On the one hand, Gibo is incredibly intelligent, and hearing him answer questions during the different presidential forum is enough for even doubters to be convinced of his ability, his intelligence, his competence (or at least, his eloquence.) When he talks, he shows his understanding of issues, and provides specific, implementable ideas that align to his clear vision. He talks to the point, and more importantly, with a specific, strong point, which is a breath of fresh air in Philippine politics. The big thorn on his side is of course, he's coming from the same political party as GMfuckingA.

On the other hand, here's Gordon and his long list of achievements. He has proven in his track record that he can do many things well. More to the point: he can lead well because he has shown that he understands what good leadership is all about. He also has a lot of ideas. Big ideas. He is also thought of as bringing a lot of bark to his big bite.

Gibo and Gordon have their individual strengths: one can boast of a clear, well-thoughtout vision and platform and the other, a clear, headstrong leadership skill. Gibo is showing to be concensus-builder, while Gordon has shown himself to be a steadfast doer. At the same time, they share the same positions on various different issues, which is why it's proving a challenge to discern between the two who exactly is a better fit for the highest position in the land.

That's when a thought came to me: imagine what a leader like Gordon would've done had he been president of the country at his vital, peak years, carrying all that fresh energy and can-do way of thinking that he applied to transforming Subic and the Department of Tourism. A leader like him, in a fresh package full of dynamism and positivity, would probably have a great run as the President of the Philippines. Makes you think.

And that's why I'm voting for Gibo.

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alvin, kid repetitive said...

Although I have to say, I am with Gordon on his stance on raising the quality of education and raising the salaries of teachers. That is one thing that needs to happen.

(Not so much on raising taxes that we will have to pay to finance a Kindle for every 5th grader though...)