Monday, May 10, 2010

The 051010 Choice, Part 3

Ok, I AM fickle minded.

I voted for Gibo. I changed my mind last night, after a conversation with a Gibo supporter/high school friend of mine. The thing is, I like Gordon's accomplishments, but I just don't like him. And I don't mean "like" in the way that I like musicians or actors or tennis players. No, it's not about likability or personality.
I like his stand on education, but I most probably won't like how he'll implement it. I like his platform but I don't like his views about the Filipino psyche. And that's exactly where he lost me.

With Gibo, I like his platform, and his views, and his leadership style and the way he ran his campaign. And I like his potential as a leader.


In terms of the actual voting, I want to put it on record that I liked the automated elections. Some friends had nightmare stories of waiting in line for 3-6 hours (under the hot Manila summer sun), but mine was more like a 20 minute stroll to the classroom. The quick turnaround on the (unofficial) results was also a great relief from the slow crawl of previous elections' manual counting, complete with chalkboards and candle-light vigils and people sitting on the yellow ballot boxes to avoid vote-switching and petty election fraud techniques. And yes, it is pretty neat that I get to say that I voted during the first ever automated Philippine National elections.

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abumelt said...

I like your reasoning. I'd have voted for Gordon because he was the more logical choice, had I found the right precinct. But like you, I don't like his.. aura. I was gonna say 'attitude' but that doesn't exactly capture what makes me iffy about him.

To me, he has the brains, he has the abilty and he has the experience, but he doesn't embody the president that I want to lead my country.

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