Sunday, May 9, 2010

The 051010 Choice, Part 2

Ok, call me fickle minded.

But the pull for voting for someone who has proven his ability to lead and to create changes successfully, and continues to submit fresh, innovative ideas, and who is willing to rally the people's minds AND hearts to lift us from our current situation, and espouses positive transformation in various aspects of his vision? Is much stronger than the hope that I'm projecting towards a Gibo leadership.

They both have their strengths and they both have their weaknesses. The positives qualities that each of them possess are very admirable, and fits to what I'm looking for in a president. Gibo's stand on improving infrastructure and economy, and Gordon's stand on education. In my eyes, if I was looking at their strengths exclusively, choosing between them is like flipping a coin.

What I realize now is that I can bear with Gordon's weaknesses more than Gibo's, because he has shown that his strengths supplement his weaknesses, which is something I can't say for Gibo just yet. With Gordon, there's the fact that people think he brings a lot of hubris to his talk. And there's the fact that his ideas are wild and grand and also sometimes almost quixotic. With Gibo, there's the doubt about accountability, that their might be slack in getting it, in as far as his actions as DND Secretary and NDCC chief showed. And there's the doubt on his position regarding issues that directly affect his alliances, that his alliance with GMfuckingA and trapo-filled party will cloud his positions on issues such as corruption and human rights.

With Gordon, I know what I'm getting, and I know that his positive qualities can override his perceived negatives. And I trust his sincerity and integrity and his desire to get Filipinos not just to change, but to move forward.

And yes, his fresh energy.

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