Saturday, January 10, 2009

Is Excited About Caramoan

Oops, for a second I thought I was on plurk/twitter...

Anyway, my office friends and I are in the middle of planning our trip to Caramoan/CWC/Camarines Sur this February. Super-travel planners Tricia and Mia have actually found some good deals for accommodations. I'm soooo glad that they've got the talent for finding the best and most budget-friendly travel options. (They'd probably kick ass in TAR as far as looking for the best flights and travel routes is concerned.)

I've booked a Naga-Manila flight already, but haven't bought tickets for the Manila-Naga flight yet, because I'm thinking about making a side trip to my hometown of Gumaca, Quezon before I head to Naga. One of my cousins and her family will be coming here from the US on the same dates of the Cam Sur trip and they'll mostly be staying in Gumaca for the entire time, so I was thinking about staying in Gumaca for a day or two to spend some time with them.

The facts: The bus from Alabang to Gumaca takes about 4 hours, and according to my dad, the trip from Gumaca to Naga will take another 4 hours. The bus passes by Gumaca at around 11pm daily, although this being the Philippines, the bus schedules are really more like crank anonymous tips rather than a must-be-followed time table.

The 2 bus rides will probably cost around 500-700 pesos in total, depending on the bus company. I'm still deciding if I'd be willing to endure the non-continuous 8 hours of land travel and the busfare over the convinience of the 1-hour plane ride and the 1,200 peso airfare. (and spending time with my family and relatives who live in Gumaca, of course)

Also, I've been trying to research for Gumaca-Naga bus
details and the results of my google searches have so far been interesting but borderline useless as far as what I need goes (I guess there isn't a big demand for Gumaca to Naga tourism). I do know that I can possibly take Philtranco and maybe Isarog Bus Lines to Naga. So if anyone knows any details about that, poke me at the comments section. TIA!

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mhia said...

They'd probably kick ass in TAR as far as looking for the best flights and travel routes is concerned. - whoahh! haha thanks :)

excited n rin ako sa caramoan! :D
at sa coron! woot woot :D

but haven't bought tickets for the Manila-Naga flight yet - kala ko ndi ka pa ngbook kc hinintay mo ung "seat sale" haha

non-continuous 8 hours of land travel - not bad n rin cguro. at least ndi tuloy2! and as long as u got an ipod, i think ull be fine ;)

alvin, kid repetitive said...

Yeah, hinihintay ko din yung seat sale that never was haha... Tapos nung wala talaga, dun ko naisip na dumaan na lang muna sa province namin, para tipid pa rin :p

geebee said...

sama tayo lahat sa pagdaan sa province ni alvin. haha.

mich and i even woke up at 12mn just to check that seat sale. drawing lang pala!

alvin, kid repetitive said...

geebee: ako din, I stayed up until around 2am waiting. Typical Cebu Pacific. pfft

mille said...

grabe na to Alvin! ang dami mong trips and out-of-town/country

alvin, kid repetitive said...

onga eh, wala ng laman yung bank account ko haha... Gusto mo sumama sa Coron? :p

Michelle said...

New Zealand! :D

kaya lang kelangan ko na magtipid shucks

alvin, kid repetitive said...

Onga, magpapakasal ka pa naman, babayaran mo pa yung ticket namin papunta Iloilo :))