Sunday, April 20, 2008

Good Times Come

Had an extremely fun night yesterday with my friends/officemates/former teammates. We all got together to celebrate Mats', Karon's, Camille's, and my birthday. Woohoo!

The four of us treated our F/OM/FTM to dinner at La Maison. The food was great (especially the barkada-sized ribs) and since there were more than a dozen of us, they gave us a table at a separate section of the restaurant (I guess so that we won't disturb the other guests.)
After that we headed to Masas for some after-dinner drinks (a few pitchers of Mango Mandarin, (which I kept calling Mango Madness, which kept confusing the waiter), a few pitchers of Frozen Dalandan Margaritas, and some bottles of Red Horse, San Mig Strong Ice and Lights.) After that, we headed off for Red Box to do some hardcore videoke singing. And by hardcore, I mean heart-felt ballads, American Idol-style performances, Britney Spears pop fluff, and the requisite Aegis dregs disguised as "songs".

Thanks for the great night guys! (Hey, I did say it was gonna be legendary, right? Hahaha)

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This is where our group picture would have been posted,
had I not forgotten to bring my cam.

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2 complaints:

Michelle said...

LOL :p hehe

Ako sadyang di nagdala ng camera, kasi alam kong maraming magdadala mwahaha

Salamat ulit mga April birthday celebrants para sa isang napakasayang gabi! Sa uulitin! :)

kid repetitive said...

sa October, sa mas mahal na resto naman! :D