Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Girl That Does Yoga

Hey, its Fed vs Rafa in the Monte Carlo final!

Have I mentioned that I'm buying a puppy soon? (umm, not me exactly... my dad's paying for the puppy (I think), but I was the one who convinced him to buy one. Heh.) So anyway, one of this pups will be named after whoever wins The Federer-Nadal final later today. (Federer or Rafael) :-)

Of course there is a chance that we might get a female puppy, and if that's the case, then the Fed/Rafa thing won't really fly.

I'll probably name her Dustin or Kandice :-))

3 complaints:

lateralus said...

Yak! Dogs!! Keep them away from me!!!

janny said...

super inggit ako!

hellgod said...

Benj: not a dog lover eh?

Jan: gusto mo bumili? 10k lang :p