Monday, March 19, 2007


Things have been pretty busy over here the past week. As I've mentioned earlier in my previous post, some relatives are coming here from the US to visit us and to attend my cousin/their brother/uncle/son Kuya Ren's wedding. We've been packed with people and children over here, and with just a week away from the wedding day, the days were pretty hectic (with wedding rehearsals, trips to the mall, some shopping, reunion dinners, and even a weekend beach getaway.)


Two Fridays ago, I caught the movie 300 with my cousins, brother, his wife and my sister.

That was one hell of an awesome movie! Aaaahhhhh! Love it! Awwoooo!


Last night, We attended the wedding of my Cousin, Kuya Ren and his new wife Penie. Congratulations guys! They're now in Boracay.

I got to stay at the Manila Hotel the night before the wedding too, which was nice enough. The lobby looked really beautiful, but the rooms were just ok*. The ceremony was held the the San Agustin Church in Intramuros, both places very charming. The ceremony and the wedding reception went by quickly too, and the food was great!


10 minutes ago, I tried driving my brother's car. And you know what I found out? I don't know how to drive a stick shift anymore. Waaaaah!!!


Last Friday to Saturday, we went to the beach in Batangas to have some R&R just before the wedding. While the beach in San Juan doesn't compare to Boracay, it was nice enough and the waters were really, really, really clear! We took a boat ride and it was amazing because we got a great view of the beach and the hills and mountains behind it, while at the same time getting the chance to just view the crystal clear water right below us. We could practically see the sea floor! The resort itself was really nice too. The last time I was there I came with my officemates, and we checked in late and really just played card games drank the whole night, so we didn't get to enjoy the beach a whole lot. This time was definitely more memorable.


It is beginning to get really hot now! AAAAhhhhh time to hit the beaches again!


Last Sunday, Daniela Hantuchova won her second career title at the Indian Wells tournament in California! Woohoo! It's another Tier 1 title for Daniela (Tier 1s are the next most important tournaments after the 4 Grand Slams) and the win lifts her ranking up to 12 in the world! :D

Here's to hoping Daniela grabs more titles this year and continues her assault to the top 10!


*had it been the 1980s

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totomai said...

what a busy week you had.

Congrats to Daniela too, hope this would boost her confidence level and be a threat to WTA.

Kai said...

LOVE Daniela too! I really thought she was gonna win Zurich, but heck, this one's much better :) I'm SO tempted to watch 300 because of them damn fine six-packs, haha, must be really good since it's still topping the box office.

monsterboy said...

300 fans unite! Eheste...hehehe. Got carried away there.

Matic drivers suck. =p