Friday, February 16, 2007

Baguio, Feb 2007

Last weekend was one of my few free-from-work weekends, and when my parents told me that they were going to Baguio for the weekend, and since I, by nature, am a free loader, I didn't hesitate to tag along. We were supposed to stay at the Camp John Hay Manor but it was fully booked, so we stayed at the John Hay Suites instead (my dad knew some people who gave us company discounts) . John Hay Suites is a yet to be finished hotel right beside the Manor. And since it was half finished, room rates were still low, and they were still a little bit in the process of "smoothening out" their operations. We found this out the nice way when they mistakenly led us the deluxe suite instead of the regular room that we had reserved :D

They eventually discovered their mistake, and we moved to a room that was still pretty nice and had a great view (smaller bathroom and no dining table and a mini-kitchen, but still good.)

Baguio in February is really nice. The weather is great, just the right dose of coolness, there's fog everywhere during the early morning, the sun is out in the afternoon but it never really scorches the way it does in Manila, and the evening air is just so cool and crisp, making coffee sips twice as soothing. And did I mention that the yearly Panagbenga is just round the corner? So yeah, the flowers were all out in bloom.

This weekend sure was enjoyable and relaxing.


And there's no better way to get back from a short weekend vacation than to get great news from work! Great news for the moment at least. :-P

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lateralus said...

I just got my new domain! woohoo. I fried my brain working out the sql, but I think it ended up working.

Please check it out and tell me if you encounter any issues.

chEr kuLet said...

wow baguio.. i wanted to go to baguio nga sana nung last week of jan since i was in pangasinan naman.. kaso, light jacket lang bitbit ko, wala sa plano ang baguio.. and sobrang lamig nung time na yon, so di ako tumuloy.. :)

aajao said...

people from the "mainland" (NCR) are so fond of Baguio. that includes me, hehehe (even if Baguio is not as beautiful as it was) :)

hellgod said...

yeah... I'd rather go to Sagada though, to be honest :p