Sunday, February 4, 2007

Battered but not bruised

It was hell week in the office. Our team was in crisis mode as we tried to clean up the big mess that fell comfortably on our laps. Since we deal with applications on production environment (meaning it's already being used by the customers for their day-to-day operations), everything and anything that doesn't go right (whether it was our fault or not) is critical and must be resolved immediately and in a sense, every passing minute is a deadline.

I’ve also just recently recovered from a crisis of my own. If you’ve been reading some of my previous posts, you may know that my laptop crashed. I lost my files and had no access to my email, which is extremely frustrating because I rely so much on emails for a huge chunk of my work.

The good news is (after almost a month of despair,) my laptop is now back up to working again, finally! But now my next tasks are to sort through a back log of more than a thousand emails, and try to recover/recreate my files. Of course, in these bad times, Murphy’s Law never ceases to succeed. The people in IT support were able to recover some of my files. The ones that they weren’t able to recover were files that I put under the category “Important”. (I’m not blaming them though, my hard disk crashed, and that’s not their fault.) I’m just trying to roll with the punches the best I can.

The weather’s been really nice lately. It’s not too sunny even in the afternoons and the temp has really dropped to lower than usual; I don’t even have to use the electric fan all that much.

Why am I talking about the weather? Something about silver linings and all that.

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infobuilder said...

congratulations! you got your laptop back... :)