Wednesday, May 4, 2005

I would’ve preferred a Mazda 3

It's been awhile since I last posted updates here. Blame it on the combination of my uneventful post-Boracay daze days and being busy on thesis some academic stuff.

As I said, nothing much has really happened lately. Except for my 20th birthday last week, which is pretty much a non-event, really. I remember reading something from a comic strip some years ago about how the older we get, the farther the words “happy” and “birthday” come together. Yeah… I think I would agree.

Not that my birthdays are getting unhappier each passing year, nor am I getting unhappier as I get older. (Just to clear that up.) In fact, it is pretty nice to finally get to say that I’m not a teenager anymore without having to lie.

[Skip this if you don’t want to hear some self-righteous gloating]
I’d like to think that when I was younger, I always tried to act like I was already 20-something. You know, someone who was more *cough*mature*cough* and independent and *cough cough cough*ahead of his time*cough cough cough* than the average high school boy. I just hope that now that I finally am in my twenties, I don’t start acting like I’m a high school kid.
[/end of gloating]


Anywayz, since it was my birthday some days ago, I decided to give myself a gift. I bought The Sandman Vol. 6, Fables and Reflections by (who else?) Neil Gaiman. This volume of The Sandman is actually a compilation of nine short stories, and so far I’ve only read the first one, called “Fear of Falling.” Good stuff. I also bought Jessica Zafra’s Tw7sted, the latest in her Twisted series. So far I’ve read the first five articles, I think. Good stuff, too.

My dad just bought an air con for my room. Says it’s his birthday gift for me. Not that I’m complaining, but I would’ve preferred a Mazda 3. Heh.

To everyone celebrating(?) their birthday today… Happy Birthday!

p.s. Happy Birthday Erika!

5 complaints:

monsterboy said...

damn, the mazda3 is hot! hehe.

hellgod said...

yup, mejo pangit lang yung break lights sa likod hehe... pero i think i like it more than altis (which used to be the car i was wishing to have when i was just learning how to drive.)

pero what the hell, my dad will probly never buy me anything like that... i guess i'll just have to be satisfied with a second-hand 90's corolla/civic or an owner-type jeep... haha

hellgod said...

unahan ko na kayo... yes, i'm a brat..

norbs foxy said...

lol shucks nakakahiya di kita naggreet shit whatafriend??? im sorri nway belated hapi bday ha! :)

hellgod said...

hehe not a problem norbs! thanks...