Monday, April 25, 2005

Endless #3 Is Playing A Game On Me

Last night I dreamt
That somebody loved me
No hope, no harm
Just another false alarm

Last night I felt
Real arms around me
No hope, no harm
Just another false alarm

- The Smiths, Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me

Last night I had one hell of a weird dream. I dreamt that an axe murderer who just got out of prison was gonna hack a friend of mine's head off using this big bad-ass axe. Apparently, my friend was the one responsible for getting him into prison (don't know how, don't know why, don't know anything, hey remember: this is a dream...) and from then on, the axe murderer vowed that it was his life's mission to make my friend's head a house ornament, in a poster-boy-of-Goth-style kind of way. We were inside a building that looked like one of those hospitals I've been confined to in the past, just waiting for the axe murderer to come and hack my friend's head off (instead of running our asses off to the police or something... turns out we're not that smart in the dream world.) Finally, dreadfully, the guy a.k.a. the axe-murdering ass arrived. He asked me to go to one of the other rooms in the building and leave my friend there with him so that he could finally do what he had set out to do. Of course, being the good friend that I am, I obliged to his request.

When I got to the other room, I found my other college friends there. They were all pretty anxious (so was I, since, you know, friend, other room, alone, axe murderer, seeks revenge) until finally the axe murderer went inside our room, which I took as a signal that he was already done with the hacking part. So I went to the other room to collect my friend’s body. I was (in the dream) so fucking freaked out because I was expecting to see my friend's body, minus head, as I slowly opened the door. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), once I got in the room, there was nothing to see except an unmade bed on a dusty floor and my friend's cell phone lying on it, no decapitated body, no blood, no nothing to tell me whether my friend lived through the axe murderer or not.

I woke up in a bad mood.

Speaking of Dreams, Neil Gaiman's Manila Trip has been confirmed! He'll be coming over July 8-12 Read here for more

The Philosophy of Buddha would tell us that attachment is the cause of misery. Would detachment then cause happiness? I find that hard to swallow. I’m too young to be detached and happy.

If you are someone who gets bored with beauty, then I suggest you stay away from Boracay. Tell you about some of my Boracay insights in a few days. I’ll also post some pictures of The Amazing Boracay Trip next time (most of our Bora pictures were taken using my cousin’s digicam, and since he’s gone back to Chicago, I’m just gonna have to wait for him to send us copies of the pictures.)

On a lighter note: Woohoo! Alonso wins in Imola! I was going for a McLaren win actually, but a Renault win isn’t too bad either… Fernando Alonso won the San Marino Grand Prix, doing a good job of holding off MS up to the checkered flag. Also, my team (team hellgod) remains at number one (as of this writing) in the ATP Fantasy Tennis Game! Getting Rafael Nadal(ESP) and Juan Carlos Ferrero(ESP) was a good decision as they’re doing pretty well (read: kicking ass) on the clay season. I’m banking on Roger Federer(SUI) and Mario Ancic(CRO) to hold my team up for the grass season. Woohoo!

2 complaints:

jweng said...

at least in your dream you weren't the axe-murderer...imagine how freaked i was to wake up to a nightmare where i was the one holding that "big bad-ass axe" with (warning, this is where it gets more freaky) my (late) grandpa as the victim...blood and gore in vivid color. overshare, sorry. uhm, well, it's not like i can control what i dream of, right?

ron said...

abay kaya pala pursigido mag tabulate ng results..... may manok ka pala sa pinoytennis. masubukan nga. hehehe.