Friday, March 26, 2010

Boracay! With CSI! Pt. 3

Third day in Boracay - we went reef walking in the morning, but we had to wait until lunch time for our turn since there were many batches. We killed time by swimming from one boat to another (namely: kayak, banana and speed.) Reef Walking (aka Helmet Diving) in Boracay was an okay experience. The visibility in the water wasn't that great and there was exactly one (1!) coral reef formation to see once you're down there. Lots of fishes to feed though.

As I said, it was lunch time when we finished, so we had lunch at basically the first restaurant we saw after getting back on the beach, which was Hawaiian Barbecue. And I'm not complaining at all because the huge baby back ribs, Hawaiian-style lechon manok and fried fish were all yummy, and paid for by the very generous Pat.

After resting up a bit, we went to the zorb riding park for some downhill, wet, ball-rolling fun (and no, I don't mean for that to sound dirty.) I was really, really excited to try this. I remember the 5th season of The Amazing Race, on the New Zealand leg, this was the roadblock and part of the task was filling the zorb up with air, then rolling yourself on the plain to the pitstop, good thing we didn't have to do either... We just had to get inside the giant globe and wait for it to fall down the hill. And it was awesome! I couldn't stop laughing the entire time, even while water was splashing all over my face and Pat and Manny's limbs were kicking/hitting me all at the same time. Sana magkaron ng ganito sa Manila (or kahit sa Tagaytay.)

After that, we walked around the beach again, and ended up at Jona's again, ordering a set of milk shakes again. Honestly, I wouldn't mind if that became my daily routine. Also part of our daily routine: Happy Hour. This time we went to the rooftop lounge of The Tides Hotel for some beer and cocktails (and calamares and oysters and cheese sticks.) Their happy hour promo was Buy 1-Take 1 instead of the usual 50% off, so we ended up drinking more than our usual drinks (but it was our last day anyway.) So after happy hour, we went to Ele's at D'Mall for dinner. I guess reef walking and zorbing was too labor intensive for us, so we just kept on eating and drinking the rest of the day.

After dinner (which ended at about 11pm), we (around 8 of us) capped our Buhay Baboy day with a nice massage. Where the masseuse told us all to strip off our clothes. Which was kind of awkward since there were no dividers and we could all see each other, as well as everyone else who happened to be in the (public) area. I took off my clothes anyway.


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abumelt said...

Your pictures are awesometastic! I am jealous. What cam do you use?

alvin, kid repetitive said...

Thanks! Canon ixus 870 IS yung cam ko. Yes, it's a point and shoot. Thanks for being jealous. LOL.

abumelt said...

Like they say, it's not the pana, it's the Indian.

Boracay Hotels said...

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