Friday, March 26, 2010

Boracay! With CSI!

I didn't get to go to Boracay last year, so I was excited to go back. It looks even more like Glorietta/Greenbelt since I was last there two years ago. So yeah.

The CSI/L3 Team went to Boracay for their team building activity, so we (me, Pat, Mats, Becca, Yome and Manny) tagged along since kaladkarin kami.

First day in Boracay - March 14, 2010.

We arrived at around 3pm and were shuttled to Island Nook Resort. Island Nook is just beside D'Mall and along the main road of the island. It's a nice budget boutique hotel with really nice rooms, designed in exactly the way you'd think a budget boutique hotel would be designed (all white and minimalist.) Island Nook also has nice Persian resto called Island Kebab that servers good food and has that typical resto-on-an-island feel, complete with surfing photos and Bob Marley posters. It's just kind of weird that they've got Shawarma Rice and Pita Bread on their menu, but when you order the actual shawarma (the ones served on a pita bread), sasabihin nung waitress na hindi sila nagseserve ng ganun. Anyway.

We walked along the beach to our first destination: Jona's for some great milk shake. We just hung out at the beach in front of Jona's till the sun set (where Pat asked a random kid if we could bury him on the sand. The kid ran away.) After that, we went to Juice Bar in Plazoleta for some happy hour drinks (we were the only ones there.) Then we had dinner at Andok's in D'Mall, before joining everyone else at Club Parao (or what used to be Club Parao, I forgot what it's new name is) for more drinks.

/End of Day/Night 1.

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