Sunday, August 9, 2009

One Classy Lady

Like most Filipinos, I watched the tributes, the coverage of her wake, the eulogy and the touching speeches, and her funeral procession. Cory's death was saddening, but at the same time, it was inspiring to see so many Filipinos uniting as a nation, honoring the very symbol of the democracy that we enjoy today. No one else in our recent history has contributed as much as Cory and her late great husband Ninoy did, and I'm glad that so many Filipinos are actually recognizing that fact. I wasn't born yet when Ninoy was assassinated, and I wasn't even 1 year old yet when the People Power revolution happened, yet I still live my days inspired by them, by what they stood for, by what they did. That's how powerful ideals are. And I'm happy to see that those ideals are not dead in the hearts of my countrymen.

I hope that a year, a decade, a century from now, we still feel the same intensity, the same spirit of unity, the same love and pride for country, the same desire for positive change and need for great leadership and governance that we felt last week, as we honored President Cory. May she rest in peace, and may our nation move forward steadily, strongly, with her as an inspiration.

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