Friday, August 21, 2009

2009 vs 1983

Had Ninoy not taken the risk of returning to our country to fight for freedom, had he not been willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice, who knows? Maybe we'd still be under a more oppressive, more abusive dictatorial regime. Or under communists. Maybe our national debt will be even bigger, HP and P&G probably won't bring it's IT business here, the economy will be even worse, maybe the concept of human rights wouldn't even exist. Maybe we won't be able to travel around and enjoy the beauty of the Philippines, and see great Pixar movies in cinemas, or enjoy Parmesan-crusted white fish, juicy steaks and lamb chops in nice restaurants. Maybe internet and news sources will be censored and blocked. Maybe we won't be able to earn our own money and enjoy a good life, buy nice clothes and cool gadgets.

Maybe we won't even be able to have a comfortable life.

I know life is still far from perfect here in the Philippines. But if not for Ninoy and what he stood for, it'll probably be worse. And that's what we should appreciate. Not the holiday, or the long weekend. He is an honorable man who held our country and its people in the highest honor that he was willing to give up his freedom and his life for ours. That's what we should remember.

Here's a good read for today:
The Conscience of the Filipino: The Sacrifice (1986)

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Ninoy Aquino Monument photo by Jon Voltaire B. Aquino

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mainepot said...

talagang may special mention sa parmesan crusted white fish :))

alvin, kid repetitive said...

syempre naman, para mas personal yung post hehehe :p

Michelle said...


Masyado mong nagustuhan ang parmesan-crusted white fish ah hehe oorderin ko nga yan next time mag cookbook kitchen (kung kelan man hehe)