Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Boom De Ya Da!

It kinda makes you want to... break into song?

I love the limestone cliffs,

I love the big lagoons,

I love the scenic sights,

I love this kick-ass crew*,

*plus Tim who was taking the picture

I love Coron, in all its greatness.
Boom de ya da, boom de ya da, boom de ya da, boom de ya da!

I love the blue sea,

I love the fine white sand,

I love the sunset,

I love the wildlife!

I love Coron, and all it's awesomeness!
Boom de ya da, boom de ya da, boom de ya da, boom de ya da!!!

More pics here:
and check out ceravi, miabaybeh, randmcnally and firithduialion39 on multiply for more pics.

6 complaints:

abumelt said...

I kinda want to see you break into song.

alvin, kid repetitive said...

if you watch me while I'm taking a bath (don't), you probably will.

abumelt said...

Eeeee, the mental image. Btw, how much did you spend for transpo/acomm?

alvin, kid repetitive said...

Airfare was 2k (cebu pac promo fare), the place was ~1,400 (for 4 nights na yun :D)

The boat and other transpo, not sure, 10 kasi kaming naghati ng expenses eh hehe...

aajao said...

yay, Coron! beautiful island. (an ex-girlfriend lives there... ssshh..)


alvin, kid repetitive said...

Summer fling? Layo naman ng narating mo Jon haha :D