Sunday, September 7, 2008

Chances and Choices (And All The Good Things That Fall In Between)

I went to my friend and former officemate Vlam's wedding yesterday at the Grace Christian Church in QC, and since I live way down in the south and the church is all the way up in the northern part of Metro Manila (and because I am Alvin), I was late for the wedding (I went with George, Mich, James and Becca.) If it wasn't for a vehicular accident that caused an awful traffic jam on the way there, we would've made it just in time.

At least we made it to the wedding ceremony... when Joseph, Geebee and Camille arrived, the bride and groom were
already outside the church, lol. Apparently they got really lost on the way there. And when I say really lost, I mean they were supposed to be in Grace Village in QC, but somehow they managed to go to the newly-opened SM Marikina. (Their original alibi was that Geebee was having some problems with her, uh, Movement. Bowel Movement.)

Anyway, we all got to the wedding reception in Edsa Shang on time. The food was great, and the whole event was just awesome. The night started with the newlyweds singing a Chinese song to welcome everyone, then more singing from their friends and family (in English), and more singing from Vlam (pagbigyan nyo na, wedding day nya to...) just before he gave his message to all the guests. Congratulations Vlam and Janice! Enjoy your honeymoon in
Europe :D


Speaking of former officemates, two more CDW teammates just became former officemates last week. Good luck Mathet and Sheberly (that's Sheryl's party gurl name, lol.) See you around! (since you two are actually one of the very few who resigned from our company and will not be going to Singapore.)


The last grand Slam of the year, the US Open in New York, is coming to its climax. The women's final will be between American Serena Williams and Serbian Jelena Jankovic. i was rooting for Elene Dementieva (who won the gold in Beijing) over Jankovic, but she lost in straight sets on their semifinal match. Serena will be going for her 9th Grand Slam, while World #2 JJ will be going for her first Grand Slam title. Whoever wins the final match will also take over the #1 ranking from Ana Ivanovic, who flopped to a second-round loss to #188-ranked Julie Coin of France. Ana will go down to #3 in the rankings no matter what happens in the final tomorrow morning (later tonight in New York).

On the men's side, defending champ Roger Federer is trying to redeem his sub-par (by his standards) year at the US Open. He's already passed his big semifinal hurdle by beating Serbian Novak Djokovic in 4 sets, and now he's waiting for the winner of the Rafael Nadal-Andy Murray match to see who he'll be facing in the final. I would've thought that current #1 Nadal will win that match, but as of this writing, Murray has the upper hand, leading Nadal 6-2, 7-6, 2-3.*

*Update: Murray beat Nadal in 4 sets to face Federer in the final.

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