Thursday, January 31, 2008

If Awe Had An Anthropomorphic Personification, It Would Be Living in El Nido.

So, let me tell you what I did over the weekend.

Wait, no. Scratch that. How bout let me just show a bit of how awesome my weekend looked like?

El Nido is, without a doubt, the most beautiful, most exciting, most amazing place I've ever been too. The bestest bestest best place I've ever been to, no kidding. I LOOOOOOOOVE IT. As you can see, I can't even gather my thoughts right now on how to describe the whole experience, so I'll just leave that for my next post.

If awe had an anthropomorphic personification, it would be living here:

And really, who's gonna argue with that?

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Kai said...

Where exactly is El Nido? It's gorgeous! I'm gonna have to put it up in my vacation queue.

alvin said...

El Nido is a town in the northern tip of Palawan. It's amazing It has white sand beaches, sand bars, islands, limestone cliffs, lagoons and great snorkeling/dive spots. :D

Anonymous said...

you should try going to coron, palawan.. i haven't been there but my kuya has.. and ang ganda, kahit sa pics ko lang nakita!! ;) -julz

alvin said...

my parents and brother have been there, looks great din! The scenery is about the same as El Nido daw, pero mas exotic haha

Michelle said...

El Nido or Poland? haha :p

alvin said...

El Nido hands down! Poland is great but I'm a beach bum, so no contest :p