Sunday, July 8, 2007

Why does it always rain on me? (aka Boracay, 2007)

Pics from my Boracay trip last June 21 - 24. Woohoo!

First two days were really rainy, but still had loads of fun. Stayed at the creatively named Boracay Beach Resort. Almost had a slight mishap on the plane to Kalibo (almost didn't get in the flight :p), did some two-person wrestling in the waters while raining was pouring hard, rode the Banana Boat and the Flying Fish (fucking awesome as always, fell once and was holding on tight to the handles belly down, but the waves were hitting my balls so bad I decided to turn belly up, but then that's when I felt my shorts getting pulled off of me, so I just let go instead of being left in the middle of the sea bare-assed). Also went jet skiing for the first time. That was a complete 30-minute adrenaline rush! Tried the Still Standing after 15 in Cocomangas (I was still standing, sure, but I was also still puking after 15, unfortunately...) We were supposed to go island hopping the next day, but no one woke up early enough, so we just laid low the whole day. And by laying low, I mean try skim boarding. Jacq and Dalin tried it first; I tried it for about five minutes until our 1 hour session expired. Mike hired his own instructor and rented his own board, and got a sprained ankle after all of it was done. Boracay was fun, but next time, I'm going back during the summer =D

See pics -> here <-

2 complaints:

totomai said...

oo nga dapat summer ka pumunta. ehehe nice adventure. sarap talaga ng banana boat. bitin ba ang bakasyon?

loved the 2nd pic, btw. :-)

hellgod said...

Thanks totomai! Syempre, idol kita pagdating sa mga photos mo eh hehe

Nakakainis nga lang, I forgot to take out the date display setting nung cam... Ayan tuloy, lahat ng picture ko, may date sa baba.