Sunday, November 20, 2005

Will calling me back next year work?

Bakit ba kung kelang di mo na pwedeng gustuhin yung dating gusto mo, bigla pa itong lalapit sayo?

Fuck naman the circumstances.


5 complaints:

Ren said...

what do you mean di mo na puwedeng gustuhin? u can't not like what you actually want. right? i say go for it. she's pretty! unless she got fat. = )

Anonymous said...

"fuck naman the circumstances"?

like, so sosyal ah!



hellgod said...

Kuya Ren: Not exactly that kind of problem. This is more about money, greed and ambition haha...

Jjay: Fuck naman talaga the circumstances eh... hahaha said...

life has a sick sense of humor. it's called irony.

Anonymous said...

hi alvin!Ü im hoppin' through floi's. hope you're havin a happy day. nice green blog by the way :D