Saturday, June 4, 2005

Conversation #2

hellgod: Hey...
You're still here.

asdfg: Yeah. I thought my plan over. Didn't quite pan out.
hellgod: What plan? Oh, the sell your soul to the devil, get rich quick plan?
asdfg: On second thought, it just didn't seem like a good idea.
hellgod: Well, in my book, any plan that involves suicide as step number 1 is usally not a very good idea.
asdfg: It's not exactly suicide... I mean, I still get to live... I just have to be the devil's bitch, that's all.
hellgod: mmm... doesn't that sound so much better.
asdfg: Yeah... Doesn't it?
The next time I get another idea like that one, just kill me instead?
hellgod: Sure, no problem. But that's one favor you owe me.

I'll be seeing you then... Alive I hope?
asdfg: I'll be around...

hellgod's phone rings. It's his friend, a part-time hooker/waitress/linesperson in Amsterdam who sells sharks, pugs, mosquitoes and semi-used underwear on eBay. She wants him to send her a rosary, the one with six mysteries.

"Give me 9 hours"

He hangs up.

The next time he looks up, he'll find asdfg gone.

They will never see each other again.

2 complaints:

mitch said...

uh-oh. i hope she didn't.


Anonymous said...