Monday, December 31, 2007

Welcome, 2007 + 1

A couple of hours more before the new year comes in...

The year started off with a bang, then mellowed down to below mediocre (there was a point when I felt like our office turned into The Office, without the humor, but with Dwight Schrute), but things started picking up, with the 3-month trip to Poland putting the icing on the cake. (Not everything is on the ups though... One of those things? My bonus.)

So instead using this space to deliberate whether 2007 was a great year or not, I've decided that I will use this post to list down the 20 most played tracks on my Creative ZVM :D

  1. A Design For Life - Manic Street Preachers (If I was going on a protest, I'd sing this song on a megaphone, at the top of my lungs)
  2. She Ionizes and Atomizes - Modest Mouse (this is a song from one of Modest Mouse's earlier albums, it's actually the first song by the band that I downloaded)
  3. Worn Me Down - Rachael Yamagata (She has an awesome voice that I love listening to over and over again.)
  4. Missed The Boat - Modest Mouse (from their latest album, a standout song. Also, check out the various videos for the song)
  5. Run - Snow Patrol (Also from their older album. This is an awesome anthemic song)
  6. Spitting Venom - Modest Mouse (Another one from the "We Were Dead" album)
  7. Last Goodbye - Jeff Buckley (I'm surprised it isn't on any higher, this is my absolute favorite song)
  8. Transatlanticism - Death Cab for Cutie - (Another one of my most favorite songs ever)
  9. Us - Regina Spektor (A great, crazy vocalist)
  10. Casimir Pulaski Day - Sufjan Stevens (This song gives me goosebumps)
  11. Disarm - The Smashing Pumpkins
  12. Charm Attack - Leona Naess
  13. Samson - Regina Spektor
  14. Silent All These Years - Tori Amos
  15. Put Your Records On - Corinne Bailey Rae
  16. A Long Walk - Jill Scott
  17. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town - Pearl Jam
  18. The Shining - Badly Drawn Boy
  19. Hedonism - Skunk Anansie
  20. Love For Granted - Phoenix

Happy New Year, everyone!

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Europe’s Schengen visa expanded to 9 other countries

Europe’s Schengen visa expanded to 9 other countries

MANILA, Philippines -- Starting December 21, the coverage of Europe’s Schengen visa will expand to nine more countries -- the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia -- increasing the number of Schengen states to 24, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said Monday.
Ahhhhhh!!! And just when my trip to Poland was over! Prague! Budapest! Malta! Vilnius! the Baltics! (and not to mention France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and the Scandinavian countries) :((

When (and how) can I go back???

on a side note: The Amazing Race 12's episode in Croatia made me really want to go to Dubrovnik. Now I only have to think of the easiest way to swindle money from rich people to have enough money for a plane ticket.

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Snow in Zakopane, and Parties in Manila

I've been back in Manila for more than a few weeks now, but hey, better something than nothing.

Here are some pics from our trip to Zakopane

Zakopane is a nice, small town up in the mountains in the southern part of Poland, near the Slovakian border. We stayed at a really nice hostel called Stara Polana. And we made a snow man!

The place is really beautiful. The ten-hour train trip was worth it. =)

I came home just in time to join our off-site team building trip to Anilao, and two company Christmas parties. The trip to Anilao was awesome; my teammates are always fun to be with. The first Christmas party was for our bundle, the HP AMG-DME group. It was a costume party, as usual, and our team came as characters from Robin Hood. It was a pretty good party (I got a 10-cup coffee maker as a door prize!) I'll post pics on my multiply site later.

The second party was for the whole company, and to be blunt about it, it sucked ass. Logistics was awful and the food wasn't all that great. I can't wait to fill out that post-party survey.

Merry Christmas everybody (who celebrates it)! Happy Holidays (to those who will get to spend one)! and have a Happy New Year (if you get by the next eight days without dying)!

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