Thursday, April 26, 2007

What's with today today?

For tens of millions of people around the world, volunteering is an expression of support for a principle that strikes to the heart of the United Nations system: that by working together, we can make the world a better place for everyone.
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I'm turning 22 tomorrow.

When things are not going as great as you hope, it's always important to put things into perspective. When you see things clearly, you are better equipped to move to any direction you want.

No bridges need to be burned. No walls need to be brought down.

Fuck off assholes. This is my moment of zen.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Girl That Does Yoga

Hey, its Fed vs Rafa in the Monte Carlo final!

Have I mentioned that I'm buying a puppy soon? (umm, not me exactly... my dad's paying for the puppy (I think), but I was the one who convinced him to buy one. Heh.) So anyway, one of this pups will be named after whoever wins The Federer-Nadal final later today. (Federer or Rafael) :-)

Of course there is a chance that we might get a female puppy, and if that's the case, then the Fed/Rafa thing won't really fly.

I'll probably name her Dustin or Kandice :-))

Friday, April 20, 2007

A well thought-out silence is the best response to an intense situation.

It's that little souvenir of a terrible year
which makes my eyes feel sore

and who ever would've thought
the books that you brought were all I loved you for.

Oh the devil in me said,
go down to the shed, I know where I belong

but the only thing I ever really wanted to say
was wrong, was wrong, was wrong.

It's that little souvenir of a colorful year
which makes me smile inside

so I cynically, cynically say, the world is that way,
surprise, surprise, surprise, surprise, surprise.

Here's where the story ends,
ooh, here's where the story ends.

Harriet Wheeler's voice is really calming. Just what I needed.


It's hard not to feel offended, no matter what side of the fence you decide to fall on. It's especially hard not to feel offended, because it's so hard to try not to feel the nudge of the elbow to my rib.


Sometimes things just fall awkwardly into place, and you just have to accept it. Sometimes I wish I could honestly say that it was done on purpose, just so I could have more satisfaction in turning my fists into two fingers.


You know what asshole? If I knew it needed to be saved right then and there, I would have done more about it. But now that I know what you really think, I sure as hell won't be doing anything even if your life depended on it.


Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage
Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage
And someone will say what is lost can never be saved
Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I'd recommend it, except for that thing it does on your ass.

Last night, I had dinner with my officemates Becca, Joseph, Mia (who came all the way to Makati from the Ortigas office) and Mike to celebrate one of our company's attempts to stop us from moving to another job (in other companies, of course.) (Jan was also supposed to be with us but she was not feeling well as had to go home early. Boo!)

Mia and I decided that we were eating at Bubba Gump in nearby Greenbelt since we were hungry and that place doesn't disappoint with serving sizes. However, one of us (who I will hide under the name Poseph) was still stuck in a meeting, so... this meant we had to wait for him. And we did. For the next two hours or so.

Then when we were finally ready to leave, Poseph suggested that we dump the Bubba Gump idea and head to Serendra so we could dine at one of the restaurants there. We agreed with him (despite historical facts that if only we remembered then would have reminded us that we should never entertain Poseph's suggestions regarding places to eat. *cough*Tony Roma's*cough*) and headed to Serendra. When we got there, the first question that popped into our heads was "Where do we eat?", a question that never seems to get an answer within 15 minutes of its question mark.

The first restaurant we went to was Polu Kai, but they were at that time only serving appetizers and desserts (we waited two hours remember?) Then after that, we headed to Brazil! Brazil!, because they were serving buffet, but by that time, the food on the near empty trays didn't look too appetizing. So we headed to Mezza Luna, but they were already closed. So we settled for Portico, which was a nice enough place. The food was pretty good so I'm not gonna complain there. I ordered Grilled Gindara with balsamic vinegar and some other stuff as the sauce, and it tasted really good. The fish was melt-in-your-mouth soft and the sauce tasted great. I'd recommend it except it has a weird after effect. On your ass. (Let's just say I'm glad I stayed home today.)

After dinner, we headed to Cupcakes by Sonja to eat some... cupcakes... by Sonja. The cupcakes are really overpriced and the place is really popular now in the sort of way that rich teenagers wearing booty shorts flock to them (on a *gasp* school night!), so that should only mean that the cupcakes are great, right? Anyway, Poseph paid for the the cupcakes so that made those wittle things taste better. =P

Monday, April 9, 2007

Another Round of Aimless Spitting

1. The Chicago Deep Dish White Cheese Pizza from Sbarro is really good. That fish fillet thing in some sort of sauce that's put on top of the spaghetti is pretty good too.

Rachael Yamagata.

3. I don't know who I'm voting for yet. This is an election year right? Theres a lack of political ads these days. Maybe those politicians got the good sense of reallocating their millions to some other effort than putting up stupid ads on primetime tv.

Oh, wait.

4. I just remembered that I need to call my ISP to upgrade to a faster internet connection.

5. A couple of months ago, I was browsing t
hrough Powerbooks Alabang when I saw a copy of:
It has since disappeared from where I saw it... so it was probably their only copy?

6. Speaking of Works of Neil, did you know that Stardust is coming out soon?

7. Stewie Vs Fiddy

Stewie for Govarner!