Sunday, April 23, 2006

1 to 6

1. It's hard to stand by your principles if the ones you have are conflicting. Or shallow. Or both.

2. I got myself a pair of glasses a couple of weeks ago. I wear it for full geek effect.

3. Going to the beach next weekend! Woohoo! (Even if I had to be a little a sneaky to my team lead to get his permission.. hahaha)

4. I need to renew my driver's license soon coz It's gonna expire soon... I hope I don't fail the drug test... =)

5. The parents went to the Hundred Islands in Pangasinan last Holy Week holiday, and I got to see some of the pictures they took of the place, and I must say that that Hundred Islands thing, they look pretty good...

6. More wedding news: My cousin Kuya Renen is getting married next year! Him and the whole family in Chicago will be coming home for the wedding next year here in Manila. My other cousin Kuya Russ is also getting married very soon. Congrats! (and good luck, hehehe =D )

6 complaints:

mainepot said...

sang beach ka ppnta?

Anonymous said...

adik ka talaga! hahaha!

Anonymous said...

* not sure kng nasubmit yung comment ko, so im writing it again *

1 - agree.. agree
2 - glasses? u? nyeh bat parang dko pa nakikita?!?
3 - laughtrip!! ako pa tlga bumuking sayo! hahaha panalo ka tlga alvin!

igdeguzman said...

uy, alvin [hehe buong pangalan]

la lang

gusto ko lang sabihin


feedalvin said...

Maine: Galera with officemates :)

Roane: Pareho lang tayo.. mas matindi ka lang ng konti hehehe

Mia: Minsan ko lang sinusuot eh, tuwing nagtratravel lang kadalasan hehe

AyGee: Thanks!

Anonymous said...

failing a drug test, huh? Don't worry, I dont think biogesic shows up on the labs. hehe.

April boy karin pala eh. hehe. happy birthday.