Saturday, May 14, 2005

Ito Ang Sagot Sa Problema ng Pilipinas

In this searing summer heat, there's nothing more satisfying than:

A.) Going to Boracay with your friends, enjoying the nice, powder-fine, sugary-white sand beach of the paradise island.

B.) Going up to Sagada with your friends, enjoying the awesome cool temparature, the calm and relaxing atmosphere, the amazing views of nature at its finest.

C.) Going to El Nido or Coron in Palawan with your family (since it's quite expensive, it's better to let your parents pay for the whole trip) and enjoying the white sand beach, the beautiful limestone cliffs, the soul-stirring sights and sceneries, and the crystal-clear blue waters.

D.) Taking a dull, rusty bread knife and slitting April Boy Regino's throat open, tearing out his vocal cords, and shooting him on the head with a .308 caliber bullet, preferably point blank so that his brains would liquefy and squish out of his broken skull.


OKAY, Time's up!

Whew, that was fun.

Sorry, but I just had to get that out of my system. After sitting through thirty minutes of traffic on an FX taxi with faulty air-conditioning and an agonizing April Boy album as background music... Well, let's just say there's only so much a 20-year-old self-diagnosed neurotic, manic-deppresive, obsessive-compulsive boy can take.

So humor me on this one.

2 complaints:

a p a n y said...

wawa april :D

abumelt said...

yeye vonnell, yeye vonnell. he's original, at least that you can say. gah, vacation's over. oh and the weather's looking up. :P